• Continuous Extrusion PEEK Sheet
    • Continuous Extrusion PEEK Sheet
    • Continuous Extrusion PEEK Sheet
    • Continuous Extrusion PEEK Sheet
  • Continuous Extrusion PEEK Sheet
  • It's high temperature thermoplastic plastic with high glass transition temperature( 143℃ )and melting point( 334℃ ). Its load thermal deformation temperature is as high as 316℃(30% glass fiber reinforced or carbon fiber reinforced PEEK).
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    Detailed Description:

    Main Characteristics of PEEK Sheet:

    1: High temperature resistance. The long-term using temperature certificated by UL is 260℃. Even if the temperature is as high as 300℃, it can also maintain good mechanical properties.

    2: Wearing resistance. Under many harsh environment like high temperature, heavy load and strong corrosion, PEEK and its compound materials are in good property of wearing resistance.

    3: Self-lubricating. PEEK possesses lower friction coefficient and can realize operating without lubricant. It can serve long time work in mediums like oil, water, steam,weak acid and base.

    4: Corrosion resistance. PEEK is insoluble in ordinary solvents.It enjoys good corrosion resistant property for all kinds of organic and inorganic chemical reagents.

    5: High strength. PEEK has high mechanical strength, rigidity and surface hardness.

    6: Easy to process. Parts can be manufactured by injection molding.They can also be post processed by turning,milling, drilling, tapping,splicing and ultrasonic welding.

    7: Hydrolysis resistance. PEEK products can continuously work for thousands of hours without obvious degradation of performance in steam over 250℃ or water under high pressure.

    8: Flame retardant. Without the use of any additives,the flammable level of PEEK sample with 1.45mm thickness is UL94 V-0.

    9: Low smoke and innocuousness. The smoke and gas are low while burning

    10: Electrical performance. PEEK can maintain stable and outstanding electrical performance in a wide range of temperature and frequency.

    11: Radiation resistance. PEEK has excellent Radiation resistance property of high dose γ rays. The mechanical properties can be saved completely to serve as Radiation resistant parts in nuclear equipment.

    12: Stable size./Dimensional stability.

    Brand and Color of PEEK Sheet

    1、PEEK( brown gray/ yellow) , produced by pure polyether ether ketone resin, is of the best tenacity and impact resistance.It can be disinfected by convenient method of disinfection(steam,drying heat, ethyl alcohol and Y-ray).The components of raw material used to produce PEEK is in line with regulations of the EU and FDA on food responsiveness.These characteristics let PEEK widely applied in medical,pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

    2、bearing grade plastic.Its outstanding friction properties( low friction coefficient, wearing resistance and higher peak pressure limit) make it an ideal material in friction application.

    3、30% glass fiber reinforced PEEK(brown gray) has better rigidity, creep resistance and dimensional stability. Therefore, it’s ideal to manufacture structural parts. It can bear fixed load in high temperature for a long time. If using PEEK as sliders, its adaptability should be examined carefully because glass fiber may scratch the matching surface.

    4、30% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK(black) is of better mechanical properties(higher elastic modulus, mechanical strength and creep) and wearing resistance property than PEEK5600GF30. Furthermore, carbon fiber reinforced PEEK has 3.5 times the thermal conductivity of PEEK5600G and dissipates heat faster from surface of the bearing.

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