• PEEK guide wearing bush
  • PEEK guide wearing bush
  • PEEK guide wearing bush can replace PTFE one to be used in plunger bar
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    PEEK guide wearing bush can replace PTFE one to be used in plunger bar

    Characteristics and Advantages

    u Self-lubricating. It can serve stable work without oil for a long time. This can avoid using of metal parts which need oil lubricant and bring contamination to packing machine and food. At the same time, the appearance of packing machine would be cleaner.

    u Wearing resistant. PEEK and its compound materials are of leading wearing resistance in plastics which is three times better than copper alloy.

    u Corrosion resistant. Food processing and packing equipment are designed as self cleaning to guarantee the quality of food and safety.Cleaning solutions are generally composed by acid and chlorine. PEEK has astonishingly stable chemical structure and has good corrosion resistance facing all kinds of organic and inorganic solutions, even in the high temperature. It solves the difficulty that metal and ordinary plastic can’t bear corrosion for a long time.

    u High temperature resistant.Packing machine or food is normally disinfected by high temperature and lasers. The continuous using temperature of PEEK is as high as 260. It can maintain good mechanical strength even in 300, which can be heated in hot air furnace,digester,contact heater or microwave oven.Therefore, PEEK parts can bear repeated disinfection,including 200℃ autoclave disinfection, 143℃ flash disinfection,`Y-laser disinfection and ethylene oxide disinfection lamp. It won’t lose mechanical properties and still has good stress cracking resistance.

    u resistant. It can work in the water and steam for a long time.

    u Environmental and innocuous. PEEK itself is environmental and innocuous and has been certificated by FDA. It can be used in contact with food and has no contact duration limit.

    u Easy to form. PEEK has good processing and forming characteristics.It can take processing procedures like injection molding, machining, milling, drilling,tapping, NC, CNC, etc to process all kinds of complicated special-shaped parts conveniently according to the drawings or samples of customers.

    u Because of outstanding characteristics and advantages like wearing resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, self-lubricating, etc of PEEK, we can guarantee the continuous using of parts on equipment for a long time and avoid shutdown of equipment caused by changing parts.

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