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Warmly celebrate the successful acceptance of the imported PEEK sheet extrusion line of Junhua ChinaPEEK

Date: 2019/10/10


Shanghai Chaoju imports European advanced PEEK sheet extrusion line, which can produce large size PEEK sheet with 1250mm width, to improve production efficiency, improve the quality, ensure delivery time and reduce the cost.


1、It can extrude PEEK sheet with a width of 1250mm and make the width of our extruded sheet from 600mm to 1250mm, which further meets the customer's requirements;

2、matchThis advanced equipment can effectively remove the flow marks on the surface of the extruded sheet and reduce the thickness of the surface oxide layer, effectively control the flatness ofthe sheet, and

meet the customer's requirements in product quality;

3、At present, the low production capacity of PEEK sheet extrusion is a normal situation in domesticThe imported equipment from Europe improves the quality of the sheet and greatly improved the production capacity, effectively ensuring the customer's requirements for delivery.


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